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Jobs in Karachi Pakistan
Job Title Company Name Category
Digital Account Ma... Nanosoft Technologies Software Development
Sr HR Officer and ... Soorty Human Resource
System Administrat... ZepCom Networking
Magento Developer... ZepCom Software Development
iOS Developer... Techlogix Software Development
Senior Software En... Techlogix Software Development
Quality Assurance ... Techlogix Software Development
Manager Technical ... VentureDive Networking
Freelance Animatio... WorldHiring Recruitment Design
Salesforce Develop... WorldHiring Recruitment Software Development
Front End Engineer... VentureDive Software Development
Graphics Designer... Crystallite Design
IT Assistant... Crystallite Software Development
Marketing Executiv... HG Markets Pvt Ltd Sales
Telesales Represen... Safa Worldwide Pvt Ltd Sales
Sr PHP Developer... Arpatech Software Development
Order Taker and Bo... Management and Business Excellence Retail
Drupal Developer... NextGenI Software Development
Android Developer... NextGenI Software Development
Project Manager... NextGenI Software Development
Graphics Designer... The CodeIT Company Design
Digital Social Med... The CodeIT Company Marketing
Systems Engineer... NextGenI Networking
Quality Assurance ... NextGenI Quality Assurance
Sr Mobile App Deve... Nanosoft Technologies Software Development
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